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What is the Fandraftic Draft Tool - the draft tool's purpose is to provide customized rankings and live draft tracking for your fantasy football draft. Enter the details about your league, select the projection sources you want to use mark players as drafted as they are picked during your draft. The site makes it easy for the user to know which players are available, as well as which players are overvalued and undervalued according to their average draft position. The Draft Board allows easy visualization of the picks that have been made by the other teams in the league. This allows the user to properly time positional picks to maximize value. Fandraftic gives the user the information they need to have a flawless fantasy draft. Continue reading for additional details.
  • Live Draft Usage have your rankings at your fingertips during your draft and remove players from the screen as they are drafted keeping an always up to date list of players available right in front of you
  • Customized Rankings - Fandraftic's Draft Tool takes projections from multiple sites and applies your league's scoring settings and roster requirements to them to produce player rankings that are specific to your league, not a league setup that some website thought the most common.
  • Dynamic Player Value Highlighting Fandraftic's customized ranking highlights players according good or bad value based on their average draft position in fantasy drafts. This provides a simple visual indicator allowing you to draft efficiently by quickly seeing which players you may be able to wait on as well as seeing players to avoid that are being drafted too early for their given rank. Even better the value is dynamically generated after each pick so if bad value players aren't drafted at their ADP the visual indicator will change as the current pick gets closer to the player's ranking.
  • Player Notes Do you end up with a notebook filled with handwritten notes or printouts for players that you have been accumulating before the draft? Fandraftic's Draft Tool has the ability to attach notes directly to players so as you find out tidbits of player information that you want to remember you can attach that info directly to the player records in the Draft tool so it is ready for you at your draft. No frantic searching through a mess of papers as the clock is ticking only to realize you left the most important page at home.

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